Chiefs Victory Parade Has High Spirits And Wild Car Chase [UPDATED]

By Terrance Turner

Thousands braved freezing temperatures and large crowds to celebrate the Kansas City victory.
(AP Photo/ Charlie Reidel)

Today, the Kansas City Chiefs celebrated their Super Bowl victory with a parade in Kansas City, Missouri. The parade began at 11:30 am, according to the Kansas City’s official Twitter account. Thousands of fans, many wearing red, cane to celebrate the victory despite the frigid weather. Freezing temperatures were no deterrent to the fans, who were excited to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs’ first Super Bowl win since 1970.

Three hours before the parade, a car broke through barricades and plowed down the parade route. A police chase ensued on the route, but police were able to stop the car before it did any damage to life or limb. According to USA Today, “What could have been an extremely dangerous situation was ended very quickly thanks to some great work by the Kansas City Police Department. They used stop sticks to flatten the tires on the vehicle and the PIT maneuver to neutralize the car, which came dangerously close to fans.”

When the parade began, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes joined his teammates, including wide receiver Tyreek Hill, running back Damien Williams, and tight end Travis Kelce on the parade float. They rode down the route, greeted by thousands of cheering fans who’d shown up in droves despite the 25-degree temperatures. Both fans and players appeared to have a great time.

Mahomes caught a beer thrown to him from the crowd:

Later, he helped Kelce enjoy a beer despite their distance:

The celebration was well deserved. After trailing by 10 points with only six minutes left in the game, Mahomes rallied the Chiefs to a spectacular fourth-quarter comeback. In his very first Super Bowl game, Mahomes overcame a stout 49ers defense and led the Chiefs on a touchdown drive. On the next drive, Damien Williams had a 5-yard touchdown run. Down 20-10 just moments before, the Chiefs had taken the lead.

What had been a commanding lead fell apart for good on the 49ers’ next drive. San Francisco quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo let the play clock run all the way down to zero before the play began, and then he was sacked by several defenders. With less than two minutes left and the lead 24-20, the Chiefs were hoping to maintain possession and get a first down to end the game. Instead, out of nowhere, Williams picked up the ball and ran into the end zone for the touchdown. That sealed it. The Kansas City Chiefs came from behind to win the Super Bowl, 31-20.

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