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If you’re anything like me, Instagram’s decision to begin hiding “likes” has done more harm than good. You’re posting thoughtful, relevant content (in my case, news headlines and live videos), but nobody seems to notice. Whereas before you got instant feedback and engagement on your posts, now you’re just screaming into the void. Worse yet, you see people who aren’t as talented (or professional or passionate) as you, talking about things that don’t really matter or sharing fight videos from The Shade Room. And they’re getting likes left and right. It’s incredibly frustrating, and you might even feel like nobody cares what you have to say.

Enter Houston entrepreneur Darrell Edmond (also known as @countrycowboyy). Edmond developed a social media software to help people engage with (and build) their social media following without having to buy followers. The software, “Instagram Explosion”, took off, working wonders for thousands of people (including me!). But then Instagram developed an update that barred two users from being logged in to the same account while liking or commenting. “Instagram Explosion” died a rapid, overnight death — but not before Edmond gained 50,000 followers. He and his business partners also closed on a $1.3 million Bellaire home, according to blog posts on

Now, Edmond has a $97 social media course that teaches people how to become influencers. With this course, you can learn how to gain followers, build social skills for influence, and acquire fame without betraying yourself. More information can be found on Edmond’s website, But here’s some of the potential benefits, as stated on the website:

  • The 17 Immutable Laws That Teach You a Bulletproof Strategy To Building Influence Anywhere.
  • 17 Simple Exercises So you can make being an Influencer as effortless as breathing (A Detailed Exercise After Each Law) 
  • A Blueprint To Create Irresistible Content So Every Post Has that “Something” That Keeps people glued to your profile (Law #11: Video Time – 13:43)
  • I’m going to show you How to Build The “INFLUENCER MINDSET” So You Have The Mentality To Deal With Success and Criticism (Law #2: Video Time – 4:17)
  • Proven Ways To Build a Massive Following Based on Your Personality So You Never Have to Be Fake or Cap To Build Fame and Influence (Law #3: Video Time – 1:01)
  • My Sure Fire Method To Pick The Right Audience So You Can Eventually Convert Fans To Dollars (Law #3: Video Time – 5:06)
  • The Fastest Way To Get Your Name Out There So You Are Constantly Being Seen By New People (BONUS: How To Run Ads) 

Check out the new trailer for the program:

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