After Biden’s Stunning Surge, Warren Exits Race

By Terrance Turner

Elizabeth Warren is dropping out of the presidential race, the New York Times reports.

Warren suspended her campaign on Thursday, merely a day after fellow hopeful Michael Bloomberg suspended his. Bloomberg is endorsing Joe Biden, but Warren will not make an endorsement at this time. “I need some space around this,” she reportedly said.

Sen. Warren’s exit comes after a frankly stunning performance by former Vice President Joe Biden on Super Tuesday. While Biden was expected to win some primaries, he shocked onlookers by winning ten, including Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. But he also won the primaries in Minnesota, where he hadn’t spent any money or even campaigned. And in the biggest surprise of the night, Biden also won the Texas primary. He and Sen. Bernie Sanders had been in a virtual dead heat for most of Tuesday night in Texas. But Biden eventually pulled away to win it all.

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