With “Never Worn White”, Katy Perry Reveals Life-Changing News

By Terrance Turner

Katy Perry just released a new single — and revealed some big news.

In case it wasn’t obvious what “Never Worn White” is about, the lyrics make it clear: “You asked the question/I said yes, but I’m scared/’Cause I’ve never worn white/But I wanna get it right/Yeah, I really wanna try…with you,” Perry sings. “I’ve never worn white/But I’m standing here tonight/’Cause I really wanna say…I do.” (That may have to wait. Perry’s wedding to actor Orlando Bloom, set to take place in Japan this summer, have been delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.)

Perry wrote the piano ballad with Johan Carlsson, John Ryan, and Jacob Kasher Hindlin, according to Variety. The song alone is worth noting: Perry delivers one of her strongest, most emotive vocals, and the lyrics perfectly convey her conflicting feelings about marriage. But the aforementioned “big reveal” is within the music video. It shows Perry covered (strategically) by a massive bouquet of flowers and wearing a (beautiful) off-white gown. But at the end of the video, Perry uncovers a major surprise.

Katy Perry in her video “Never Worn White”. (YouTube)

Perry is expecting her first child with actor Orlando Bloom. Perry says she’s due in the summer.

She chose to reveal the news via video. “You know, this song is not the lead single off of my next record. But honestly, I was getting way too fat to hide it, so I was like, ‘Well, I think this song would be a great reveal! Let’s start there,” she told SiriusXM radio host Mike Piff. “And that’s how I communicate things. I communicate through music.”

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