Gov. Abbott Declares State of Disaster Over Coronavirus

By Terrance Turner

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster today over the coronavirus outbreak. Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, Gov. Abbott said that Texas has 39 confirmed cases of the virus. He added that there are 220 Texans that have been tested, either by a state lab or by the CDC. He added that San Antonio is opening a drive-thru testing center. One will be added in Houston in the coming weeks, Abbott said.

Abbott also said that the state is restricting visitation at nursing homes, daycares, prisons, and juvenile detention centers. He stated that the policy would “prioritize protecting of the most vulnerable populations,” though he added that exceptions will be made for end-of-life visits. Visitors will be screened for illness.

The governor added: “There is absolutely no need to go out and stockpile supplies.” He added that “hoarding is neither necessary nor productive”. Despite the disaster declaration, this isn’t a scenario in which buying water, toilet paper, or other essentials. “This isn’t the type of situation like where we see with an oncoming hurricane,” Abbott told viewers.

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