Disasters and Decisions on “Insecure”

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By Terrance Turner

Tonight, we got to see “Lowkey Done”, episode six of the HBO show Insecure. This low-key episode takes place the morning after the block party in the previous episode. Issa wakes up with Molly’s words (“Nobody has more drama than you, Issa.” “You need to stop using people!”) echoing in her head.

Later, Issa has a conversation with her reflection in the mirror.

 So what am I supposed to do now?” she asks. 

“That’s a good question,” her reflection responds. “You f–ked up.” 

“I didn’t f–k up; she f–ked up,” Issa protests. Then she muses, “ I should probably reach out.”

“Have you noticed that you’re always the one reaching out and apologizing?” the reflection responds. “Let her reach out to you. She’s wrong too.” 

“So what do I do while I wait?”

 “Relax, relate, release. Take care of you.” Issa does just that, cleaning up her place (and her refrigerator). She has a brief but pleasant phone call with Nathan, who’s cutting hair. He asks if she’s OK after the block party disaster.

“The night was still dope. You should be proud,” Nathan tells her.

“I’m really sorry I dragged you into this,” Issa says apologetically. “I just — it’s just not how I wanted us to reconnect. I just don’t want you to think that I used you.” 

“Nah. You needed help, and I wanted to help.” Nathan says.

“And you know I’d do the same for you. Without question,” Issa says.

Throughout the day, Issa strives to do some good deeds. At the grocery store, Issa offers to pay for the groceries of a pregnant woman — but her card declines. She gives a ride to an elderly man who’s just missed his bus. But he turns out to be prickly and difficult — first refusing the offer and then refusing to tell her his GPS location. Then he starts complaining about the temperature in her car.

 He tells her about a club he used to hang out at with his friends. “The gang all broke up. Maurice caught a case; Wendell found crack,” George says. “I guess I should’ve seen the signs that the s–t wouldn’t last,” he tells Issa. “There’s always a sign. Always.” 

Issa goes to a “Paint and Sip” event and joins a group of friends. One of them (Kyla Pratt) is about to get married. Issa hangs out with the group at the event and later goes out with them for drinks. They hit it off — only for them to abandon Issa and leave her with the tab.  She finds a piece of paper subtitled “L.A. Scavenger Hunt”, including some of the activities they just did.

Issa visits her mother (Wendy Raquel Robinson). Mom asks about the event. “It went well then,” her mother suggests. “Yeah. It was… good,” Issa says. She doesn’t want to open up about the ugly aftermath of the block party and the pain of losing her best friend, but she can’t hide the truth from Mom. After a pause, Issa’s mother opens her arms. Issa goes in for the hug and bursts into tears.

“I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do next,” Issa tells her mother in the following scene. “I’m 30. When you were 30 you were married. You had a house. You had two kids–” 

Oh, I ain’t want y’all,” her mother interjects. “I didn’t think I could have kids.” After referring to the children as “mistakes”, she tells Issa that “y’all ended up being the best parts of my life.” “You’re going to figure it out,” she says, encouraging her daughter. She talks about all the things Issa is interested in and is good at. “I admire that about you,” she says.

“You admire me?” Issa asks, touched by the idea.

On a phone call with her friend Kelli, Issa finally addresses the elephant in the room. Kelli asks if she’s called Molly; Issa says no. Kelli urges her to reach out. “I know you’re upset right now, but maybe if y’all sat down and talked face-to-face, you could work it out,” Kelli suggests. She implores Issa to reach out, but Issa holds firm. She doesn’t want to be the one to reach out this time.  “If she doesn’t call — y’all are just never going to speak again?” Kelli asks.

Later, Issa logs to Facebook and answers questions about the event. “Where can I find more stuff like this?” one commenter asks. “I got you. Coming soon,” Issa types, indicating that she may see a future in event planning or “content curating”, as she suggested to the group of friends.

Issa goes out to an Ethiopian restaurant, but stops at the door when she sees Molly inside. She sees Molly  After a long pause, debating whether or not to enter, Issa turns and returns to her car. She’s lowkey done.

“Do you think that Issa’s done with her friendship with Molly?” Issa Rae asks in a brand-new episode of #WineDown with Prentice Penny. They discuss Issa Dee’s decision not to enter the restaurant where Molly was.

“I also don’t think it helps that, at the beginning of the episode, Issa wants to be reached out to. She was like ‘I’m tired of reaching out.’ And she walks up, sees her friend in her favorite restaurant, sitting there on her phone, chillin’. Like, you have your phone and you’re not using it to reach out to me. So I know, for me, that would trigger me,” Issa says in tonight’s Wine Down. “I’m sittin’ up here, worried about you all day, and, you know, trying to take care of myself and wondering if each text is from you, and you’re chillin’.”

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