Aaron Rodgers Returning To Green Bay Packers (UPDATED)

Photo from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

By Terrance Turner

April 28, 2021 (Updated July 28)

This story depicts a fluid situation and will be frequently updated.

Aaron Rodgers is returning to the Green Bay Packers.

According to ESPN, “The sides are working on a new contract that would lower his salary-cap figure for the 2022 season while giving Rodgers, 38, contractual clarity well into his 40s.” Initially, reports by several sources (including Yahoo! News) claimed that Rodgers had agreed to a four-year deal worth $200 million. It later emerged that the deal is essentially a three-year, $150 million deal that also includes two voidable years in 2025 and 2026 that help for salary-cap purposes, according to a copy of the contract obtained by ESPN.

Please check out my original (updated) story from last April, detailed below:

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