Big E Suffers Broken Neck In ”Smackdown” Match (UPDATED)

by Terrance Turner

March 11, 2022

WWE wrestler and former WWE champion Big E suffered a broken neck in tonight’s match on ”Friday Night Smackdown'”. The seemingly freak injury led to him requiring medical attention and it was a scary reminder that what many of us see as an entertaining sport can be in fact highly dangerous.

According to CBS Sports, ”Big E and Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus and Ridge Holland kicked off Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown. During the match, Holland delivered a belly-to-belly suplex to Big E outside of the ring. Big E did not fully rotate to his back and instead took the bump square on the top of his head. Big E appeared to be injured and laid motionless after landing on the ground. Commentator Michael Cole noted that medical personnel were attending to the member of New Day.”

Big E had to be stretchered off the ring and into a nearby hospital. He shared a video on social media confirming the serious injury suffered while ensuring he would be OK.

“I can’t thank all of you beautiful people enough for your concern and your messages, it’s very heartwarming,” Big E said. “I can move all of my digits,” he said while wiggling his fingers. ”You see that? that’s nice. That’s always a good thing. Strength feels fine, but unfortunately, right now they tell me my neck is broken. So there’s that. But, once again, thank you, everybody, I’m going to be all right. I’ll be good, don’t worry, go to sleep, don’t worry about old me. But, for real, thank you. And I appreciate all of you, for real.”

UPDATE (March 12, 2022): In a new video uploaded via Twitter, Big E says that he has no damage to his spinal cord or ligaments and that he will not need surgery. He once again thanked his supporters for their well wishes, saying that “it means a ton to me that so many of you have been so kind and reached out, stopped by to see me, texted…” He added, “I’ma be alright. It’s a blessing.”

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